Jordan Telfer, Property Adviser

Jordan’s relationship with Wakelin Property Advisory began as a client, buying a property through the firm in 1997. For this reason he is a ‘true believer’, delivering advice that he himself has benefited from. Jordan’s experience working in property valuation also allows him to see true value and gives him the upper hand in negotiation, knowing what will and won’t grow in value.

Jordan’s employment started after he sought Richard’s advice in early 2000. Richard, realising Jordan’s value, offered him a job at Wakelin Property Advisory where he remained a part of the team up until 2006. It was then that he left to further his studies, working and completing a property valuation course in the late 2000s. Jordan remained a property valuer for eight years before returning to Wakelin Property Advisory in 2014 to resume property investment advisory.

Our team

The staff of Wakelin Property Advisory have, between them, a diverse range of professional experience including property valuations, property management, numerous real estate transactions and negotiation, finance and communications. The great success and longevity of the firm over the last 20 years is built on effectively harnessing these complementary skills whilst instilling a belief in and passion for Wakelin Property Advisory’s uncompromising asset selection philosophy.

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