Bespoke Negotiations

For property owners when a developer or other buyer calls. We’ll act for you…

You are approached by your neighbour who would like to buy your property ‘off-market’.

A neighbour approaches you to discuss purchasing your property in order to expand or build on their existing property. As this is often unexpected, you may not be prepared for this conversation and may be uncertain about how to direct this conversation in order to get the best outcome for yourself.

Wakelin Property Advisory is well versed in negotiating decisive outcomes for our clients and can assist you in the negotiation process to deliver you the best result possible. Depending on your level of comfort, we can act as backup support or take charge of the negotiations on your behalf.

Our Bespoke Negotiations team assists clients through a three-stage process:

Stage 1:
Initial Discussions

A one-hour complimentary discussion at our offices, where we advise if there is scope for our Bespoke Negotiations team to assist you.

Stage 2:
Asset Appraisal

On payment of a Bespoke Negotiations administration fee, an analysis is undertaken, including a review of the target property/ies market value and existence or otherwise and magnitude of an above-market premium that a motivated strategic buyer may be willing to pay for this property/ies.

Where there are multiple properties involved, we will consider the case for marketing these properties together as one parcel or separately.

This stage will involve a visit to the property and a desktop analysis of comparable properties and transactions.

Stage 3:
Disposal Negotiations

Wakelin Property Advisory manages the strategy to optimise the negotiations with the prospective buyer/s.

This stage may or may not involve an estate agent, depending on the circumstances.

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