Wakelin Property Advisory. Melbourne property investment advice from a trusted and independent buyer's agent. Established 1995.

Not just a buyer's advocate. More than a buyer's agent. We are investment property advisors.

Wakelin Property Advisory finds and negotiates the purchase of the highest quality residential property in Melbourne for our clients to invest in – via our buyer's agent service. We work only with residential property, delivering a comprehensive investment search, advice and negotiation service.

Founded in 1995, Wakelin Property Advisory is Melbourne's most respected residential property investment expert and buyer's agent. We consistently deliver superior capital growth on properties our clients buy. We are independent. We don't sell properties and we don't work for developers or estate agents.  The interests of our clients are our only priority.

Buying property is a means to a greater end: securing your financial independence.

Our buyer's agent service empowers investors to profit from the Melbourne residential property market and to attain financial independence. When investing for the first time, make sure you set off in the right direction. Call us on 03 9859 9595 or learn more about our buyer's agent service at Investing in Melbourne PropertyWe also help clients with other residential property needs including Buying a Melbourne Home.

Tools and events to help you begin your property  investment journey

Forum audience

Property Investment Forum

From real-life case studies, learn how to invest in residential property successfully, the Wakelin Way. Registration fee: $45 per person. Register a second person for FREE.

6.30PM, Tues 18 October 2016

Streets Ahead: How to make Money from Residential Property

Streets Ahead: How to Make Money from Residential Property

Streets Ahead shows you how to invest in residential property for healthy returns in easy-to-follow steps. Monique Sasson Wakelin and Richard Wakelin dispel the common myths and take you through every phase of property investment - from the planning to buying to property management. Order your copy here.

Streets Ahead Melbourne Investment Property Tour

Streets Ahead Bus Tour of Melbourne Investment Property

Let us take you "on site" to inspect and evaluate real case study properties, owned by investors, to assess their investment suitability and potential. A fun and insightful day. $95 per person.

12.30PM, Sat 8 October 2016

Six-Step Guide to Successful Residential Property Investment - Complimentary Download

Learn how to master the many requirements – finance, asset selection, negotiation, settlement, property management and ongoing performance monitoring – for successful property investment. Download here