Property & Finance Market Update and Outlook July 2021 with Stuart Wemyss

2021 has seen property prices surge to record levels, leaving many to ask where to from here.
We want to cut through the hype and provide practical, unbiased advice to help inform your next investment decision.
Stuart Wemyss from Pro Solution and Jarrod McCabe from Wakelin Property Advisory break down the key investment factors shaping 2021 and beyond; including property prices, demand, rental income, interest rates and borrowing capacity.

There are a number of important topics covered including:

  • How long property price growth will continue at the currently buoyant rate. We will share with you what we are seeing at the coalface, including which buyers are most active, the types of properties most sort after and a rental market update.
  • What impact higher property taxes and incentives may have.
  • How to manage the financial impact of changes in tenancy laws.
  • The future direction of interest rates including inflationary expectations.
  • Update on the banks’ lending appetite including changes to responsible lending laws.
  • Valuable lessons learned from the pandemic.
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