Streets Ahead: How to Make Money from Residential Property


A buyer’s agent guide

by Monique Sasson Wakelin & Richard Wakelin

A tried and tested blueprint for success from experienced independent advisers and buyer’s agent.

Streets Ahead shows you how to make informed choices, that residential property investment is low risk and can, as part of a balanced portfolio, give you a secure and healthy return.

In easy to follow steps Monique Sasson Wakelin and Richard Wakelin dispel the common property myths and take you through every phase of property investment – from asset selection and bidding at auction, to rental management and taxation.



Learn why it’s capital growth that holds the key to your financial independence.

  • Find out which locations and building styles consistently deliver the best results.
  • Arrange your finances with simple and clear advice and discover how to negotiate the best prices.

You can purchase a copy of  Streets Ahead online for only $36  including GST, postage within Australia & handling or $50 each for international delivery.

Whether you are a first-time buyer or an experienced investor, the authentic advice and knowledge you will gain from this book really will put you Streets Ahead!


Streets Ahead lives up to its name. It is one of the most all-encompassing books ever written on property investing in Australia. Chock-full of practical information, ideas and case studies, it should be required reading for anyone contemplating taking the plunge into real estate investing. Australians may love property but still find it very difficult to get unbiased advice. The financial planning industry is not interested because the real estate sector does not generate the high levels of ongoing fees available from funds managers. Educating people on benefits of bricks and mortar investment has mainly been left to the marketeers, who are much more interested in enriching themselves than their clients. Streets Ahead will certainly help to fill the education gap and Monique and Richard Wakelin should be congratulated for it.’

Pam Walkley