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For property owners when a developer or other buyer calls.
We’ll act for you...

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You are approached by your
neighbour who would like to buy
your property ‘off-market’.

You chair an owners corporation
where one unit owner offers to
buy the rest of the ‘block’.
Mega-lots – you and your
neighbours have come
together to sell to a developer.

Our Bespoke Negotiations team assists clients through a three-stage process:

A one-hour complimentary discussion at our offices, where we advise if there is scope for our Bespoke Negotiations team to assist you.

On payment of a Bespoke Negotiations administration fee, an analysis is undertaken, including a review of the target property/ies market value and existence or otherwise and magnitude of an above-market premium that a motivated strategic buyer may be willing to pay for this property/ies.

Where there are multiple properties involved, we will consider the case for marketing these properties together as one parcel or separately.

This stage will involve a visit to the property and a desktop analysis of comparable properties and transactions.

Wakelin Property Advisory manages the strategy to optimise the negotiations with the prospective buyer/s.

This stage may or may not involve an estate agent, depending on the circumstances.


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