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Richard Wakelin, Founder

“Buy, hold and never sell” is Richard’s core philosophy and one that he has weaved
through the company over more than 20 years. Richard believes that investments should only be of the highest quality, with long-term capital growth as the primary aim.

Richard began his career some 40 years ago as a property manager before shifting to property investment in the 1980s. After realising the potential for a buyer-based advisory firm in a market rich in seller-focused advisers or traditional estate agencies, he co-founded Wakelin Property Advisory, Victoria’s first property advisory, in 1995.

Richard has many skills, but his ability to select a quality property and to negotiate it to purchase stands out. Most notably, he achieves tremendous results for his clients through calm, respectful discussions with counterparties in those negotiations; he eschews showmanship or the strongarming techniques that many others favour.

Integrity and expertise has made Richard a trusted source of choice by journalists over the years. He has been a regular commentator on property with countless appearances in well-known print media such as The Australian Financial Review, The Age, The Herald Sun, The Australian and various property and investment media outlets and websites such as Smart Investor, Domain, Money Magazine and Australian Property Investor. Richard is also a co-author of the book Streets Ahead: How to Make Money from Residential Property.

Our team

The staff of Wakelin Property Advisory have, between them, a diverse range of professional experience including property valuations, property management, numerous real estate transactions and negotiation, finance and communications. The great success and longevity of the firm over the last 20 years is built on effectively harnessing these complementary skills whilst instilling a belief in and passion for Wakelin Property Advisory’s uncompromising asset selection philosophy. 

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