Mike Williams, Client Liaison Coordinator

Mike has an unusually broad understanding of property with over 30 years’ experience. He has run his own real estate company, buying and selling both commercial and residential property. He has been President of the Real Estate Institute of Victoria’s Inner Eastern branch. He has built two houses and renovated others as well as subdivided a property of his own.  Because Mike has been through situations similar to that of many clients, he can empathise, something he feels is essential when assisting clients.

Mike’s career began in 1982 working for his parent’s real estate business; he eventually bought the firm. After coming to know Paul Nugent when they worked together in the mid-1990s, Mike received an offer from Paul in 2008 asking him to join the team, a career step that would make the most of all his expertise and deliver great benefit to Wakelin Property Advisory’s substantial client base.

Our team

The staff of Wakelin Property Advisory have, between them, a diverse range of professional experience including property valuations, property management, numerous real estate transactions and negotiation, finance and communications. The great success and longevity of the firm over the last 20 years is built on effectively harnessing these complementary skills whilst instilling a belief in and passion for Wakelin Property Advisory’s uncompromising asset selection philosophy. 

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