Covid-19 update: Wakelin Property Advisory remains fully operational. However, staff are working from home. We would still love to meet with you – but for the moment, just by phone or video conference. Please visit for more details. We look forward to helping you.

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Covid-19 and property investment: a Melbourne market and lending update

Jarrod McCabe (on the left) of Wakelin Property Advisory and Stuart Wemyss of ProSolution Private Clients hosted a 60-minute lunchtime webinar 31 March 2020 addressing the following issues:

- How will coronavirus impact the property market? (8 min 13 secs)

- Is it a safe time to buy? (21 mins 50 secs and 24 mins 24 secs)

- Is it a safe time to sell? (24 mins 0 secs)

- Have prices fallen? (26 mins 45 secs)

- And if I do wish to buy, how do I adapt my search and negotiation technique to current conditions? What sales methods are being used: online auction, private sale, expression of interest or off-market?(28 mins 17 secs)

- Borrowing: investors liaising with their banks about possible payment holiday if there is financial hardship (29 mins 30 secs)

- Is the covid-19 crisis a great buying opportunity? (40 mins 15 secs)

- Interest rates: changing your borrowing terms and should you go fixed or variable and what are the best rates (46 mins 40 secs)

- Investor's offset account - will banks raid them and is our money safe in the bank? (51 mins 0 secs)

- Banks' credit appetite: will they lend to new borrowers? (52 mins 15 secs)

- Can banks extend pre-approval in current environment (53 mins 30 secs)

- Will banks reduce access to redraw funds? (54 mins 30 secs)

- How much to spend on marketing for a sales campaign? (55 mins 40 secs)

- Will vendors prefer private sales to online auctions or off market? (57 mins 15 secs)

- How to negotiate in a private sale / expression of interest / off market situation (59 mins 35 secs)

- Will your credit rating be affected by any crisis' employment/borrowing challengers (60 mins 30 secs).