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Your Money TV - leasing a property and how to increase the rent

The first quarter of the year is the busiest time for leasing out rental properties as landlords strive to meet the demand for new tenancies from students and workers changing locations at the start of the study and working  year.

It represents a great opportunity for investors to find superior tenants and maximise the rental income. But there are risks. 

Jarrod McCabe, director, discussed the issue with Jason Kazanis on Your Money Monday 4 February 2019, including:

  • Why this is a great time to be leasing a property – the early year demand and supply dynamics of the rental market
  • Why it is still possible to get the process wrong, the repercussions, and the risks that poses to the landlord
  • Working well with the property manager
  • How to set the correct rent and possibly increase income
  • What sort of improvements (e.g. air conditioning, paint and carpet) to add to a property that deliver the best return on investment and attract the right sort of tenant.

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