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Spring Property, Tax & Lending Update

The aim of this presentation is to keep you up-to-date with what going on in the property market, tax changes, mortgage market and super. We also answered lots of questions too.

You can also view a recording of the presentation HERE.

Jump to the bits that interest you... To save you time I have provided an index (below and on the web page) of the topics/questions that we addressed during this presentation with the relevant time stamp. This will help you jump to the bits that interest you the most. Scroll down now and have a quick read to see if there's anything that interests you.

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Use the index below to go straight to the questions/topics which interest you the most

Mortgages and Loan Structure
19:55 – Update on the mortgage market and rates
22:35 – What can you do to mitigate higher investment and interest only rates?
31:35 – What are the perils of fixing your mortgage interest rate?
35:28 – What are the risks of using your home as security for an investment loan?

Financial planning
45:45 – Estate planning – what structures should be in place?

2:33 – What we predicted versus what has happened
4:24 – How to interpret auction clearance rates
4:50 – Current trends in the property market in Melbourne
7:17 – Drivers for future property growth 8:30 – Prediction for the rest of this year & 2018
9:20 – Recommended investment prospects for 2017 & 2018
10:10 – When to divest of property
30:15 – How will the supply of high-rise apartments impact the value of old-style units
33:43 – If you had a max budget of $815k, what type of property would you invest in?
39:54 – What justification do you have for investing in Melbourne & Sydney when prices are high and rental yields are low?
44:10 – Does Wakelin ever consider villa-style units as being investment-grade?
48:50 – To what extent has Middle Park’s growth been driven by building improvements versus land value
50:30 – How property prices tend to move – not linear
56:16 – How does a bus-stop versus a train line impact on a property’s investment quality

12:43 – Changes to super this year that might impact you
27:31 – The impact of these changes on high income earners
28:35 – Your super problem if you earn > $250k
53:57 – Where do you see the property and SMSF opportunity heading?

12:00 – Changes to depreciation and what it means
14:30 – Change to deduction for travel expenses
15:10 – Who is the ATO targeting
18:50 – The best approach to undertaking tax planning
39:25 – Does the dis-allow of the deduction for travel expenses apply to only new property?
41:30 – Should you put a second Investment property in the lower income-earners name?