Melbourne’s renowned residential property investment experts – since 1995

We think you'll find us refreshingly different. In a real estate world otherwise dominated by the hard sell, the over-cooked claim and perpetual embellishment, we stand apart from the crowd.  Our reputation and success is built on a compelling service that clients choose to select because it's right for them, not because they are pressured to come aboard.

Our focus is asset selection in the Melbourne inner surburban residential property market. We help clients purchase high quality residential investment assets that have a track record and propensity for strong capital growth. And we've been doing it since 1995.

Our team:

Richard Wakelin, Director

Paul Nugent, Director

Jarrod McCabe, Associate Director

Mike Williams, Client Liaison Coordinator

Kevin Fitzsimons, Media and Communications

Jordan Telfer, Property Adviser

Kristy Caskey, Property Adviser

Alastair Mairs, Property Adviser

Adam Perry, Property Adviser

Dean Morrison, Accounting

Liz McMahon, Administration

Tess Borges, Communications Officer