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Buying your first investment property webinar 530pm

Buying your first investment property webinar

5.30PM, Wednesday 20 November 2019 

***This event has now taken place. To watch video click here. ***

The first property investment is the hardest to do and most important to get right.

It's the hardest purchase because you've never done it before and the rules are different to buying a home.

It's the most important purchase, because, done right, an investment asset will generate the equity and income that opens up new opportunities down the track: be it capital to buy further properties, other investment assets or perhaps start a business. And, in time, that first asset will help secure financial security later in life.

Done wrong and it is likely the asset will be a drain on scarce resources and eventually need to be sold. The sorry experience will leave the unfortunate individual many tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars worse off compared to where they could have been. Plus, we all know that life is short, and they would have lost several precious years of wealth-generating time.

Buying Your First Investment will deliver the vital facts and steps for successful property investment.

Jarrod McCabe, director, Wakelin Property Advisory, will explain:

  • how to build equity through capital growth
  • how to identify the sweet spot locations
  • the best performing property styles
  • how to conduct your buying campaign
  • due diligence checks on a hot prospect
  • how to judge fair market value
  • negotiation: auctions, private
  • sales and off-market
  • tenanting made easy.

He will be supported by Stuart Wemyss, director, ProSolution Private Clients.  Stuart will cover the financial and structural aspects of property investment, including:

  • prudent budget setting
  • the borrowing process
  • ownership structure options.

Jarrod and Stuart will then answer your questions in the last 20 minutes. The event will finish at 6.30pm.