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BUYER AGENT (buyer advocate)

Wakelin Property Advisory is the most experienced and best resourced Melbourne buyer agent.

The Wakelin Property Advisory buyer agent service has been helping investors and home owners come out best for 25 years. We have four full-time buyer agents focused on the inner Melbourne suburbs. Every working day (which includes Saturdays) they speak to dozens of estate agents and inspect tens of properties.

We have sophisticated technology systems to track the coming and goings of property in and out of the sales market and that provides deep intelligence on the merits and weaknesses of those assets. Much of this technology is unique to Wakelin, as it is built on 25 years of cumulative effort.

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What does a buyer agent do?

A buyer agent is a real estate professional expert in your corner when buying residential property, be it for investment or for a home.


A buyer agent levels up the playing field. Owners selling a property engage a real esate sales agent. As a buyer, rather than you, a layperson or amateur, trying to out-negotiate a wily, experienced sales agent, it is generally better to delegate the negotiations to a buyer agent. It can save your thousands and even tens of thousand of dollars.

Asset selection

But negotiation is only a part of the buyer agent role. The best buyer agents provide more strategic counsel which considers the client's investment or lifestyle goals. 

At Wakelin Property Advisory, we see asset selection as critical. For investors, the asset needs to have a track record and propensity for strong, above-market capital growth.  For home buyers, the property must tick all or most of the client's lifestyle wishlist, subject to budget.

Due Diligence

The best buyer agents ensure that the prospective purchase is checked carefully before negotiations to buy commence.  This covers legal, planning and building integrity. Wakelin Property Advisory works with quality solicitors and building inspectors.


Property transactions are bureaucratic and there is a countdown clock for settlement completion. Miss deadlines and there can be large penalties and great stress. Wakelin Property Advisory assists buyers towards a smooth handover of the keys.

Tenanting and property management

Investment properties need a tenant: ideally from day one of ownership to maximise income. As part of the buying service, Wakelin Property Advisory initiates discussion with the current owner's estate agent to obtain early access to the property. Necessary renovations - if required - can be completed promptly and it allows styling and photography to be undertaken in readiness for the tenancy marketing campaign.

Wakelin Property Advisory will identify and recommend the appropriate property manager - from a panel of exceptional professionals - to run the leasing process and undertake ongoing property management.

Periodic portfolio review

At Wakelin Property Advisory, we are at the end of the phone for any client who wishes to discuss the performance of their property. We will report back on metrics such as capital growth and rental return, and provide comparative data based on similar assets.

Why hire a buyer's agent?

Save money, make money

It is tempting to thinking that DIY buying is the cheap option. It rarely is. All too often, DIY buyers overpay for property. An experienced estate agent is duty bound to extract the highest price from negotiations, and they are very happy to negotiate with DIYers.

Even more importantly, a top buyer agent will secure the best asset that a budget can buy. It will be an asset that will grow faster in value than most other properties.  Due to the power of compound growth, even a small difference in the annual percentage growth rate between two assets can result in a difference in value of hundreds of thousands of dollars after just a decade of ownership.

Save time

Time is money. We are all incredibly busy people in this 24/7/365 world we live in.  You are a professional, excellent at your job. You also have family and friends. And you want leisure time to wind down, exercise and to enjoy hobbies.  Spend your time doing your job well, staying well and enjoying the company of loved ones.

Don't spend tens of hours every week for several months looking for property. Leave that to us.

Reduce stress, worry and uncertainty

Taking responsibility for the effective spending of several hundred dollars - much of it probably borrowed - is huge. No wonder many people find it enormously stressful, placing strain on them and close relationships.

Take that stress away by employing an experienced buyer's agent who will communicate (and obtain your approval) regularly with you throughout the process.

How does a buyer's agent get paid?

A buyer agent should be paid by their client. At Wakelin Property Advisory, our fee is paid in two parts. There is an initial or administration fee paid on appointment.  At this point we start working on your behalf, establishing your requirements and searching for a property that meets your needs and our very high standards. Then there is a second fee after the successful acquisition of a property.


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