The night we tangoed

Saturday was a big day and night for the Wakelin Property Advisory team.  The daylight hours saw the team spread out across the inner suburbs to identify and evaluate the properties that would represent the first blooms of the spring auction market in a few weeks' time. In between inspections we also managed to transact on a few late-winter property offerings as well!

As the pace slackened in the weakening late afternoon sun, director Monique Sasson Wakelin and communications manager Kevin Fitzsimons rushed home to glam up for a night of opera and tango. We were off to Victorian Opera's Maria de Buenos Aires.

After a day living the street theatre of Melbourne's auctions, we were transported to the barrios of 19th century Buenos Aires through a poetic production that was deeply evocative with the Argentinian city's defining forces: its port, the colonialism, the slave trade, the poverty, the magic realism, the inequalities and the seedy nightlife. All this was brought to life through the mediums of tango dance and tango-infused opera.

Following the heroine Maria's descent into the darkness of Buenos Aires was a breathless magical mystery sensual tour of conjurer, contortionists and tango dancers, veils and smoke, fire water and sharp-dressed waiters, all backed up by a wonderful musical ensemble of wind and strings led by the gorgeous sound of the classical accordion.

Richard Mills and Monique Sasson Wakelin

As sponsors of the Victorian Opera, we were honoured to give a closing night speech.  Monique Sasson Wakelin addressed the audience of Melbourne's opera aficionados - including Heidi Victoria MP, Minister for the Arts - and the clearly still-on-cloud-nine cast and crew. She congratulated Victorian Opera artistic director Richard Mills for another flawless choice of production and Leigh Warren for his delicate and imaginative direction and choreography.

Special mention was also made to VO's outgoing managing director Lucy Shorrocks who has worked so closely with Monique to build the relationship between VO and Wakelin Property Advisory.