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Discover Opera with Monique and Victorian Opera's Richard Mills

Today I had the honour and pleasure to host a luncheon for Victorian Opera's corporate supporters that previewed the thrilling 2013 season. The gathering was wowed by heart-rendering tasters from the season's program by three beautiful and angelic-voiced performers - Tess Duddy, Chrissy O'Neil and Nick Dinopoulos - accompanied on a grand piano by Richard Mills, VO's artistic director, who also provided a concise but comprehensive overview about the music and their respective operas.

Opera is a complex foreign language to most people. But the guys and gals of Victorian Opera are translators; they are teachers; they are guides. And above all, they are an exemplar to others looking to be inspired.

In the same vein, the founders of Wakelin Property Advisory have driven relentlessly to bring to others the passion we feel that there is a right way - and many, many wrong ways - to invest in property; and to share that passion and information in a way that preserves it, makes it infectious and empowers our clients.

So it was life- and mission-affirming to sit amongst other professionals who, though from different and diverse industries, shared that creative passion to tell a story well.

And based on what I heard today I'm thrilled I have my 2013 season seats booked - make sure you book yours too!

Monique Sasson Wakelin

Pics: Monique with Richard Mills, Victorian Opera's artistic director and soprano Tess Duddy.