Wakelin Property Advisory sponsors Victorian Opera

Wakelin Property Advisory is sponsoring the Victorian Opera 2012 program, as a supporter of
The Marriage of Figaro, which opens on 18 July. Rehearsals for the production begin this week.

Managing Director of Victorian Opera, Lucy Shorrocks, welcomed the new partnership.

“We are thrilled to have Wakelin Property Advisory supporting us. It is indeed a very natural marriage as there are strong synergies in the patrons and clients we serve. But most importantly, Wakelin Property Advisory is passionate about the arts, and wants to help us share opera with a wider audience,” said Ms Shorrocks.

Director of Wakelin Property Advisory, Monique Sasson Wakelin, said that she was excited about supporting an opera company which was constantly striving to break new ground.

“We’ve seen with the recent productions that Victorian Opera is not a conventional arts company. They make bold choices, and the results are often stunning. I think that business can take a leaf out of Victorian Opera’s book for their ability to evolve their ‘product’ in a way that reflects contemporary society,” said Ms Sasson Wakelin. “What’s perfect about The Marriage of Figaro is that on one level, it’s all about property.” 

“In Mozart’s opera you have two ordinary people, Figaro and Susanna about to enter into a rather uncomfortable ‘property’ arrangement with their master. He wants them to move into the room next to his, and let’s just say he has a very different idea of ‘property’. It’s a nightmare situation, and I think represents the pitfalls facing the inexperienced property investors. It might be an 18th century story, but it has a 21st century currency.”     
Ms Sasson Wakelin, a former ballet dancer and now a renowned property investment expert, said she believed that it was important for business to invest in the arts.

“Unleashing creativity is good for society – it is a catalyst for progress and change.  I look forward to working together with Victorian Opera to bring this art form to a wider audience,” she said. 

Victorian Opera’s production of The Marriage of Figaro opens at the Playhouse, Arts Centre, Melbourne on 18 July 2012 and will play until 3 August.

Picture: Victorian Opera Music Director Richard Gill, Soprano Tiffany Speight, Baritone Brett Carter and Monique Sasson Wakelin (centre)