There’s so much more to being a property investment adviser than being just a buyer’s advocate or just a buyer’s agent

Here at Wakelin Property Advisory we like to describe ourselves as residential property investment advisers.  Everything we do on behalf of clients is focused on securing the best investment returns for them.

Occasionally, others call us a buyer’s advocate or a buyer’s agent. We also use those terms - because they are the ones in common circulation for our industry - but we’re not big fans of them because they incorrectly suggests that our single objective is just to buy property on behalf of clients.

Yes, we do buy properties on behalf of clients. But the buying transaction is only a small part of the process. That only occurs after a diligent process of understanding the client’s property investment goals and constraints. Only then do we search for and select a suitable and top quality property.

There are plenty of firms out there who are just buyer’s advocates or just buyer’s agents or just buyer’s advisers or just buyer’s advisors.

But Wakelin Property Advisory can proudly claim to be the first and most experienced residential property investment adviser in Melbourne.