Melbourne, Sydney and Perth grew rapidly in 2013

With so many data providers issuing house price information, investors are spoiled for choice. However, one can sometimes feel an information overload.

So, to make your lives easier, we've listed the December quarterly data from the national providers, and also so provided a rough-and-ready* average of the lot.

The message from the data is clear - both the national and Melbourne property markets powered along in 2013, and that the December quarter was especially strong. However, note that most of the growth for national capital cities resided in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

*[I say rough-and-ready, because each data provider measures subtlely different variables so we are a bit guilty of comparing apples and oranges (but given the data samples tend to share 95% of the same sample/criteria perhaps a better anaolgy would be to say we are comparing one type of apple - say a Pink Lady - with another, such as a Royal Gala)]

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