Kevin Fitzsimons, Manager of Media and Communication

Kevin’s 20 years’ experience in public relations and communications is applied in many ways at Wakelin Property Advisory. With a deep understanding of the needs and requirements of journalists, he strives to ensure that the company delivers responses that add value. Kevin uses a wide range of marketing and communication tools, with a willingness to adapt in the face of evolving technology, most recently social media.

Studying economics in the UK, Kevin’s career started in a London-based public relations firm. He stayed there for 4 years before he moved to Dublin where he continued to work in PR. In 2001 Kevin came to Australia, working in a number of communications companies, where he honed his skills and knowledge of the Australian media landscape. In late 2010 he joined Wakelin Property Advisory as a media manager. In 2016 Kevin joined the management team.

Our team

The staff of Wakelin Property Advisory have, between them, a diverse range of professional experience including property valuations, property management, numerous real estate transactions and negotiation, finance and communications. The great success and longevity of the firm over the last 20 years is built on effectively harnessing these complementary skills whilst instilling a belief in and passion for Wakelin Property Advisory’s uncompromising asset selection philosophy.

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